M. Verstraete

Author of Horror and Dark Fiction

Short Stories

Below is a collection of anthologies and webzines my short stories have appeared in.

Girls Rock Horror Harder, Issue #3

Hooligans3My short story, “What Comes With The Newspaper” appeared in the third issue of the Girls Rock Horror Harder webzine, published by Forsaken, an imprint of Booktrope Publishing on September 28, 2015.

The eZine is available on Amazon and B&N.


Girls with Grit.

This is the third edition of the eZine “Girls Rock Horror Harder!” This month features work from P. Mattern, Dani Brown, Mandi DeGeit, Majanka Verstraete, Jessica West, Lindsey Beth Goddard, Dani Smith and Maddie Von Stark.

The Animal Anthology

the-animal-final-concept-cover1My short story, “The Color of Elephants”, appeared in The Animal Anthology, published by Edge, an imprint of Booktrope Publishing.